Sunday, May 1, 2011

MAY babe. its MAY

suddenly i felt that my day was really interesting, awesome when it comes to may.
seriously i don't know why
rasa mcm excited semacam
nk lompat2 ada jugak
or its mayb my exam will end up soon
bt one more thing is that the military training
the fixed date really2 make me feel uncomfortable
i just like say wth with the management
gua takde hal nk buat semue tu
tp pade2lh nk tetap tarikh
everybody got the same feelings like mine i think
they all nag everywhere they go
on every little conversation they made

again, HELLO MAY

theres a little hope on the next coming month
i'm just praying the best.
mmg tuhan dah tentukan ajal maut rezeki kita semua
tp tuah ayam nampak dikaki.
tuah manusia no one knows kn

btw, i just create my twitter acc:)
do follow me ya at opterq

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