Wednesday, May 4, 2011


yeah today not as usual i wake up early.
i'm dont have paper today which is my last paper will be on friday that is mandarin
i just wondering if i got nightmare again for the 4th day. 
ohh gosh luckly it was not happened again n again.

all those day was really bad.
when i woke up i felt so down
up down up down n then i felt much better
with the few jokes made by my superb friends around me
i ws in examination week duh
really2 need smthng that much better than be on this feeling
all the days i thnk about it.

owh ya my friend just broke up with her gf. they ws about 4years having a relationship
how could they end up like that
i wish it would not happen to me
that what peoples called 
"jodoh pertemuan, ajal maut, rezeki bale semua ditangan tuhan"
always remember that brahh
cz you'r not alone in searching fr the lights.
4years like i can hav about 3-4 kids
hahaha bt people nowadays dont want to have kids more than 4 i think
right? coz of wat. many reason they cn give
bt surely i thnk my parent would like to have more than 10kids.


atirahzalahuddin said...

4 years, 3-4 kids? aik. sorang setahun ka? haha

soda said...

pagi2 je nak feeling, anak dara anak dara =='

Anonymous said...

this could happen..when only one side put her/his effort to make sure they're still in contact while one side just being ignorant.patience has limit isn't it?

op terq said...

AZ:haha for sure la sthn sorg. xpn kembar laa:D

op terq said...

sodot:ahahaha jelaous kaaa

op terq said...

anonymous:haha i know who you r. keep stalking me kn.