Thursday, March 17, 2011

away home

i'm just too bored today, because there was no class plussss everyone rushing going back to their hometown, bt i don't feel like going back to jb. it's not the matter i didn't miss ibu, ayh or my family soo much bt surely there will be another time that i come back and all of my siblings was there. bt just called my mom just now. okey die menganjing gila2 pasal video mandarin aku nie. i think i ws over acting. haruslh bcz i just want to attract my loashi=cikgu cina. hahaha shes purely from china so i think she really want to see the best kn kn..
tp aku rase mcm banyak la cacat cela kottt on the process of making the video, unwell preparation+not enough time+in rushing. .

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