Thursday, June 2, 2011

short update

i just wanna let you know that i'm not like what you think
i know how much you miss me
i know that you always stalk me
by removing me was the best way not to make your heart hurt much
i really didn't mean it
i loves the way how i lives now
i got very supportive family around me
i got superb friends around me
i got lots of bf n gf that cn really count on me sometimes
thats why i don't really need you 

so please live your life happily
 you got everthng that you want
please take a good care at the one who loves you much
don't repeat the same mistakes again n agian
coz what
people always got the 2nd chance in their life
bt not to repeat the same mistakes
again do take a good care at yourself


alif haris said...

uish naya punya kes .. 2 laki vs 1 gurl .. haha ..

op terq said...

hahaha gurl skrg lain mcm sket lep:D