Thursday, December 2, 2010


should i say goodbye to NOVEMBER?
and also to OCTOBER
and hye to DECEMBER
yeah for sure
i really hope for this december,
the last month in this year
it will be a great month for me
past is past, as we could turn back the time
it could be the great things ever
and for our own sake
and also for the others
pray the best for us

i know we are in the reality
not fantasy
so as a human being
appreciate what you got now
because all of it will not remain forever
don't you ever regret what had happen
bcoz GOD is the best planner
wishing u all the best


1 comment:

bonadsayang said...

alo syian..takpe2..doakan yg terbaik utk masa hadapan.jgn pndg blkang. ;))