Tuesday, December 29, 2009


huhu cuti da habes
n new sem start
so kls pn xde sngt lg

weh ak trse down doe
xtaw knpelh lately nie
mcm2 rase ader tp xdpt nk di ungkapkan
hope everything will be okay
as we started a new life
new chapter to be shared
past is past kn?
xperlu nk dipikirkan lg
just hope the best for the future
as ak nk teruskn hidup nk capai cite2
nk bawe pulang segulung deg for my parents especially
n najah too
to show them that i'm can be like others

ya allah
ak mohon kepadamu
berilah ak kekuatan nk teruskan hidup nie
nk capai kejayaan
hanye kepadamu ak berserah

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