Sunday, December 6, 2009


ya i donno why i feel so sad right now..
even im so tired woke up early in the morning..
bt now still can't sleep yet
kepale otk sangatlh berserabut:(huh
tah ape tah yg dipikirkn now

act ak bru terbace my friend's blog
men!!clash...tu jln yg btl ker bt dieorg
hope it will not happen to me and najah
i wont it happen syg..
owh GOD please help me:(
ak nie insan yg lemah..
surely ALLAH know the best fr me
hope our relationship will 4eva
end up hidup with her satu impian yg sngt besar bg ak
papepn jadi ak berserah jela..
dah tu kehendak yg maha esa kn

gmba pertama ak dpt
tyme raye ttbe najah bg
hehe then i send her back my pic:p
imydm n ily yg

p/s-blog ak nie maybe bnyk cte bout her,merepek2,so if korang xsuke plz go away frm my page ok..tq

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you know. i used to love reading all of those posts you'd written about najah and stuffs you guys did together anndddd kinda miss it because you'd stopped writing about it. too sad. :(